From:  Check Us Out, the quarterly publication of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, Winter 2000


Cleveland Heights and University Heights are the kinds of communities where people get involved and are passionate about community issues. Thatís why was created as a platform for discussion of community issues. Now, with some 70% of our residents connected to the Internet at home or at work, and with the computers available at your library, now it is possible for everyone to participate in our community network,

The next time you are online, whether at the library, at home or at work, take a look at this grass-roots project. It has two parts, "SpeakEasy," an online forum for discussion of local issues and concerns (Forest Hill Park, the schools), and "DoEasy," our community calendar where local non-profit organizations are adding their programming information.

The Internet address for is Take a look! Participate!!

(Copied with the permission of Director Stephen D. Wood)