2240 Woodmere (1988)


A 1920 version of Georgian Revival architecture is found in this picturesque home on a quiet sidestreet off Fairmount Boulevard.


Characteristic of Georgian elements is symmetrical composition enriched with classical detail. Frank Meade of Meade and Hamilton architectural firm wrote: "The Georgian house has always been characterized by an effect of order and proportion. Nothing is left to chance, but once the fundamentals are known, great variety is possible . . . [These houses] are the product of a bygone age when there was more leisure, more time for the amenities of life, so that wherever they are found today they give forth an air of distinction which stamps them as the homes of cultured people."


The original owners, John and Stella Murray, were followed by the Loesser's, who lived in the house until it was purchased by the current owner in 1987. The classical composition in the exterior of this house is beautifully complemented by the daring use of colors and textures decorating the interior. The brightly flowered border in the main hallway is the color matrix for all the rooms in the house, with each room combining colors of magenta, lime green, white, and blue in dramatic and flowing compositions, each distinct while blending into the next room. The wall treatment on the first floor in the hallway, living room, and dining room demonstrates an ingenious use of paint application giving the illusion of a softly textured wallpaper.


In working condition, surprising for its 68 years of use, is the original built-in icebox, now electrically powered. Notice also the original bathroom design off the master bedroom and several original bathroom fixtures. A rich collection of antiques, oriental art, linens and lace, and white wicker accent this lovely, livable home, providing compatibility with Meade's concept of the architecture that houses it.