2368 Tudor Drive (1999)


Building of this Georgian-inspired home of yellow brick was begun in 1919 and completed in 192 1, the lapse of time being a testament to the careful work and fine craftsmanship found throughout this substantial home. Fortuitously, original elevation drawings are extant and are on display for this tour.


The current owners have lovingly restored and decorated this home, which bore carpeted walls, black painted main staircase and much brown paint, to its original Georgian splendor. The main staircase was stripped and refinished to reveal beautiful hardwood. Carpeting was removed from the walls and the lady of the house herself made exquisite curtains and throw pillows to co-ordinate with the new wall coverings and upholstery fabric. The owners had little to do in a way of actual repairs; the plaster walls are all original and didn't have so much as a crack in any of them.


Classically Georgian, a center hall separates the living room and dining room. Of particular interest is a magnificent bronze chandelier, made in Paris, which adds dramatic focus to the dining room. Currently wired for electricity, it previously had gas fittings. A history of the chandelier given to the owners suggests that it may even have originally been constructed to hold candles.


The family room has an especially warm and inviting feel, and is a favorite place of guests. A wonderful faux finish floor that gives the appearance of slate is actually concrete, designed and painted by one of the owners. A glazed finished ceiling picks up the deep burgundy hues of the leather furniture in this room. One set of French doors leads to a small patio in front of the front of the house and another to the deck, back yard and garden.


The owners have redesigned the kitchen, enclosing the back porch to create an eating area and removing tile to reveal a beautiful oak floor. Custom kitchen cabinets were designed to match those of the butler's pantry, which are original. A patterned tin ceiling was added, which is a feature often associated with fine homes of this era. The new granite countertops and newly designed configuration of the kitchen flows well with butler's pantry, thus adding modern conveniences while preserving the original flavor of these rooms.


The spectacular garden is the focal point of the home. When the owners moved in, the back yard consisted of grass and two trees. Now flowers, bushes, stone benches, lights, trellises and a waterfall adorn this garden wonderland, which is one of the special gardens featured on this tour.