2245 Tudor Drive (1996)


This lovely stucco English cottage was built in 1920 and was previously occupied for over 50 years by Zeta Winslow, the revered Heights High School English teacher. Traditional Tudor design elements are manifest in the asymmetrical roof line, and the bow and bay windows of the home's facade. The house is a collection of small spaces that commingle to create an eclectic and engaging interior. The center hall, for example, contains an elegant formal entrance, a morning room with dramatic black and white flooring, and a balcony overlooking the hall. The balcony area is graciously defined by decorative plaster moulding and an ornamental iron railing. Each area is special and interacts with its neighboring space.


The focal point of the house is its spacious living room with oak woodwork and two sets of leaded windows, one of which anchors a wood-paneled library alcove. Oak paneling also surrounds a finely detailed stone fireplace. Above the mantel, a mysterious carved linen fold overhangs the fireplace. The owners' oriental rug and furnishings gracefully offset the architectural highlights of the room.


The owners maintained the original character and design of the breakfast nook and kitchen areas. However, by modifying the existing cupboards and adding Corian counter tops, they enhanced the utility and grace of these rooms.