14391 Superior Road (2000)


Superior Schoolhouse opened its doors to many school children during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and during that time underwent many changes. In 1859, the Township Board of Education of East Cleveland purchased the land and we assume that soon after property transfer, East Cleveland District 9 School, a one-story brick school house, was constructed. In about 1882, the brick building was either demolished and rebuilt, or more likely faced with the sandstone from a nearby quarry -- this is the first floor of today's schoolhouse. In 1893, a second wood-framed story was added to "Old District No. 9" to accommodate the population growth.


The 1910s were a period of tremendous growth in the Village of Cleveland Heights, and in 1921 the City of Cleveland Heights was formed. By 1924, the two-room schoolhouse had become too small for the burgeoning community. Classroom uses were moved from the building in early 1924, for "more modern educational methods," and the Board of Education then used the building for its headquarters through about 1928. Then the building stood largely vacant. From 1947 until 1964 the building was reopened for the education of special needs children. In 1958, the City of Cleveland Heights acquired the property from the School Board.


The combination of a sandstone first story with a clapboard second story creates a one-of-a-kind building. Notable are the unique stone coursing, combination of six-over-six and one-over-one sash windows, slate roof, bell tower and slate chalkboards and woodwork inside the building.


The school was listed as the first Cleveland Heights Landmark in 1974 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. In 1997, Cleveland Heights voters passed the Recreation Bond Issue that provided funds to rehabilitate the building. During the rehabilitation of the Superior Schoolhouse, great care was taken to preserve as much of the building as possible. Cabinetry and woodwork were repaired, original paint colors (both inside and out) were applied, original windows were restored and reglazed, a new slate roof was added, and wood siding was repaired. Working with the Landmark Commission and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, modern features added to the facility include all new electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, and a handicapped-accessible entrance and restrooms.


Today, Old Schoolhouse #9 is home to The Cleveland Heights Historical Center. Owned and operated by the City of Cleveland Heights, the Cleveland Heights Historical Center at Superior Schoolhouse will be home to an archival collection and museum committed to the presentation and preservation of Cleveland Heights' history and architecture through documentation, exhibits, and special events. The Historical Center will be an educational resource to deepen our citizens' commitment to preserving a rich cultural legacy for future generations.