14299 Superior Road (1977, 1986)


The Preyer House


Considered to be the oldest identifiable residence in Cleveland Heights, this house was built in 1825 with stone quarried from the property. Local legend has it that Indian labor was used to construct this house on the base of a solid slab of living rock. The substantial walls measure twenty inches thick; the massive central chimney originally accommodated seven separate fireplaces- all of which have been covered over- and a giant cook stove.


John Peter Preyer purchased the property in 1864, and his large family became so well known in the community that the house was called Preyer even though they were not the original owners. The house, when acquired by the Preyer family, sat on seventy acres with a barn, stables, pond, and well-tended gardens. The stream which cooled their daily life can still be seen as part of the park property running behind the present boundaries.


Approaching the house, set way back from the modern road, one is struck by the eccentric dormers peering out of the second story, like oriental helmets. These were late Victorian additions, introducing much needed light into the upper rooms. The porch with its roof is also a later addition. It can be noted that the stonework in the supporting pillars is different from the rest of the structure.


As one enters the charming vestibule, the interior of the house reveals itself to be a late Victorian renovation with elegant parqueted floors and fine woodwork throughout. The entire interior is lovingly furnished with appropriate antiques and artwork collected by the present owners, even including ancient lace curtains at the many large windows.