2542 Stratford Road (1994)


In 1921 this house was built as a wedding present from the bride's parents for their daughter and her husband, Fletcher Andrews, who later served as Dean of the Western Reserve University Law School. William Jeavons, a wealthy inventor, had earlier built a home for his son on the pie-shaped property, and the three families shared a large carriage house. Legend has it that they all dined together every evening.


Designed by architect Harlen Shimmin, the house has the appearance of an English cottage with Tudor elements, but is unusual in its almost total lack of 90-degree angles. The living room angles off to the right of the front entrance and leads into the dining room and morning room. The kitchen is small and six-sided. The large window over the sink was added by the present owner, who also added cupboards to the right and the left of the sink where there had been a smaller window and a fireplace.


An extensive addition in 1940 included the study to the left of the front entrance, the bay in the morning room, the large "motor room," and the corresponding bedrooms on the second floor. The architect for this project was R. Norman Jeavons, who was Mrs. Andrews' brother and one of the members of the complex.


The second floor originally consisted only of the master bedroom suite and a guest room. With the 1940 addition, it now consists of a series of suites, each with bedroom, bath, and sitting room.


There is a lovely little porch off the hallway near the kitchen, overlooking a small, 70-year old stone birdbath set among the flowers. An original flagstone terrace is accessed from the French doors of the living room.