3567 Randolph (1985)


The Faber House


This small, tastefully decorated house, designed to suggest a Cape Cod cottage, was built in 1937 in an area developed in the 1920's and '30's between Noble Road and the west branch of Nine Mile Creek. Before development, fruit farms and orchards fronted Noble Road which was one of the earliest roads to the Heights, connecting crossroads settlements along the Euclid Road (Euclid Ave.) and the Mayfield Plank Road on the north edge of the Portage Escarpment. The largest land holders in the area prior to its development were members of the Rush family, Charles, Orlando, and Sanford, descendants of Peter Rush, one of the area's earliest settlers.


The house is perched on the edge of the creek gorge, a steepsided, wooded feature providing a rustic, rural aspect to the structure's environment. The owner has incorporated this gorge into the house's design through the construction of a porch overlooking the creek. Carefully decorated throughout, the decor features a combination of reproductions and antiques, some of which suggest schoolhouse themes in keeping with the owner's occupation as a teacher. An ideal house for a single resident or a couple, the four second story bedrooms provide a comfortable sitting room and ample space for an office. Colorful Marimekko fabrics and wall coverings complement the furnishings with bright splashes of color.