1259 Oakridge Drive (1992)


This remarkable house, built in 1928, has been much admired over the years, having been featured in magazine and newspaper articles, both for the building itself and its stunning grounds. The house was designed by H. O. Fullerton in Tudor style, with decorative (rather than structural) half-timbering, tall, narrow, leaded-glass windows grouped together, and fine woodwork inside. Some remodeling has been done by the present owners and their predecessors, but in the main the house is in its original state.


The outside and inside front doors, walnut paneling in the hall, leaded windows, wrought-iron staircase, and cabinets in the butler's pantry are all original. The marble floors in the hall and dining room were installed when the kitchen was remodeled three years ago.


Upstairs, the bathroom in the west wing was completely remodeled this summer. A wall was moved to enlarge the room, Navona travertine marble was installed on the floor, countertops, and walls and a skylight was added.


The grounds extend into a wooded area behind the house, ending in a ravine. At the top of the ravine stands the "Rotunda," a kind of lookout point marked by stone pillars forming an arc. At one time the pillars were joined by wrought-iron railings. To the left, down a slope, is the "Ledge," a natural rock formation worked into the design by the original landscape gardener.