2917 North Park (1987)


This house was designed in the English Tudor Style by William E. Deane for J. W. Warwick and was built in 1926. By the 1920s the English Tudor style, combining brick, half timber and slate-roofs, came to be the style of choice for upwardly-mobile families moving from the Hough area or Wade Park to the Heights.


The house contains a large L-shaped hall reached by both a front door and a side door, under a detailed metal-and-glass-roof, which serves as a porte-cochere. The living room walls are divided into panels by an effective use of millwork. The smaller garden rooms and library are typical features of homes in the 1920s. Two of the house's fireplaces are framed in marble with flower designs carved into the marble and then painted to give them texture and depth. The pantry is original but the kitchen and servants' hall have recently been remodeled into a functional kitchen.


The second floor plan allows for the opening of bedrooms en suite. The third floor contains a large room, often erroneously called a ballroom, used as a childrens' playroom. There is a beautiful staircase to the basement. The garden house at the rear, built also in the Tudor style and added in 1930, is a unique feature of the grounds.