2454 Newbury Drive (1984)


Behind the high shrubbery, this simple ranch-style house, custom built in 1950, stands on a quiet street in the Rockefeller Estates section of the city. An Amish wagon wheel from the last century, projecting from the foliage by the entrance, gives only the merest hint of the kaleidoscopic visual experience awaiting within.


The house is designed in two sections; a circle of interconnecting rooms forms the common living area in the large, split-level portion, while the private space is in a separate wing.


A wide serving window allows the breakfast nook to communicate with the family room. The compact kitchen is designed for efficiency, with a stained glass window to add color and introduce the modern art that courses among the African and Amerind basketry, sculptures and weavings throughout the home.


A double fireplace peninsula divides the large living room-family area.