2224 Middlefield

This Dutch colonial with gambreled roof was built in1922 on the Euclid Golf Allotment developed by B.R. Deming. The shingle siding, originally stained a dark green, is now a more natural-looking brown. The first thing one notices about the site is the remarkable garden, which starts at the curb and extends around the house without a single blade of grass to mow. Designed six years ago, it was the subject of an extensive Plain Dealer article in July.

Inside, an eclectic blend of family treasures, ethnic art, and modern technology all comes together to make a home that is light and airy, intriguing, and above all, a warm and comfortable space for living. In the year 2000, the kitchen experienced a total make-over, including the incorporation of the former pantry into the main area. In 2001, the atrium was created when porches on both floors were replaced and enclosed and the roof was raised. Air conditioning was installed on the third floor with vents to the second, which keeps the whole house comfortable. This is a “house of windows.” Except for the one above the piano in the living room, every window in the house has been replaced, most of them from stock. Much of the artwork throughout the house reflects the fact that the owners met through a shared interest in ethnomusicology of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. One of the owners did all of the staining and painting himself. The other owner is a veterinarian; note the prevalence of feline art objects.

The yard is a wonder. Various sizes of stone create dry “riverbeds” surrounded by rich plantings. A sprinkler system adds to the low-maintenance aspect.


Look For:

  • Center hall: Mélange of ethnic art from Bulgaria, Crete, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Romania, Turkey, and Kentucky.
  • Atrium: “Three Circle Swinger,” kinetic sculpture by Paul Stillman.
  • Dining room: Menorah over hutch, typical of 19th century Polish mass-produced menorahs; brought to U.S. by maternal grandparent.
  • Living room: Lunario glass table, with large cast iron weights in base to create balance; embossed paper by Israeli artist; two cabinets with Judaic ritual objects; Iranian Heriz carpet.
  • Master bathroom: Jacuzzi, replacing walk-in shower; new floor and skylight.
  • Southwest bedroom: The opening into atrium was formerly a doorway onto enclosed sleeping porch.
  • Second floor hall: Hunderwasser calendar; opening on landing was formerly windows onto railed, open rear porch; plant area on top of cabinets with speakers for atrium sound system.
  • Back yard: Rotating blades, created by head of local kite society.


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