2376 Kenilworth (1989)


The combination of brick and shingles and half timber was a typical combination of materials in Queen Anne homes at the turn of the century. This home, like many others in Patrick Calhoun's Euclid Heights Allotment, reflects a high point in the development of this style. The use of Gothic windows with their many panes of glass and arched doorways are also features of this period. Like so many other houses in the area, the carriage house to the rear imitated the style of the main house.


When this was built for Hayden Eames, the structure was considered middle-sized in the Euclid Heights Allotment. To the west where Waldorf Towers and Margaret Wagner Home are now located were the large estates of industrialists William Rice, Myron T. Herrick, Howard Eells and others. Hayden Eames, an industrial consultant born in China, was typical of those who would build a home in Euclid Heights at this time.