2300 Harcourt (1990)


Built in 1926, this spacious brick Georgian colonial is set on a park-like corner lot, with its back to the boulevard, its side to the street, and a wide driveway sweeping up to the main entrance. A lovely rose garden, long neglected, has been revived by the present owners, who purchased the home in 1989 and completely renovated it in a brief but frantic four months before they moved in.


Many knowledgeable and skilled persons were involved in re-creating this gracious setting, among them an antique dealer who was able to find a small ramshead-motif brass and crystal chandelier that exactly matches the larger chandelier in the central hall. It can be seen in the hallway to the right of the graceful staircase. An iron-worker, trained long ago in Italy, refashioned a pair of old stable doors to create the driveway gate, while two young artisans from Hungary were responsible for most of the interior work, employing highly successful techniques in mixing paints and perfecting glazes. They have also been involved in the renovation of another house on this 14th Annual Heights Heritage Tour.


The oak floors on the first floor have been carefully refinished, and it is possible to see how the flooring was originally installed to enhance the grain of the wood, heavy grains alternating with light. In the library, the plaster molding has been regrained and glazed to match the teak walls.


Of particular interest is the owner-artist's studio, originally two rooms occupied by servants, now converted into one large room with a floor-to-ceiling window. Legend has it that lighting struck here at one time, specifically the metal bedstead in which a maid was sleeping. A mysterious chimney, which has no known function, past or present, can be seen just outside this room.


Throughout the house, works of many local artists have become an integral part of this very livable and lovely home.