2211 Harcourt (1988)


Fine details of the Tudor Revival Style architecture are evident in this home built in1917 for Dr. Frederick and Anne Herrick. The property was part of a real estate development from the early 1900s on property originally owned by Dr. Nathan Ambler, a dentist, whose estate stood opposite the tract. The original owner, Dr. Herrick, was a surgeon who established a surgical dispensary at Charity Hospital and was an instructor at Western Reserve University School of Medicine. During World War I he was chief surgeon at the Argonne offensive hospital.


Attention to details of design reflects the Tudor Revival style often used by the architects, Meade and Hamilton. On the first floor, notice the curved, Tudor arch entryways, the classical columns gracing the fireplace in the octagonal shaped living room, and the oval dining room complete with curved glass on the doors of the built-in cabinets. The handpainted wallpaper was restored to its original beauty three years ago. The block partition in the kitchen converted an outside wall to a room divider and incorporated a porch and butler's pantry into the remodeled and modernized kitchen.


On the second floor are found built-in closets including a "ship's closet" in the master bedroom and a walk-through closet connecting two bedrooms. Modern convenience was anticipated in the underground built-in garage. The original comfort of this gracious home is maintained with more casual modern styling seen in the grasscloth wallpaper, modern and oriental prints, wallhangings and folk art.