2489 Guilford Road (2001)


Attractive as it must have been following its construction in 1920, this 5500-square-foot Tudor home has undergone numerous enhancements. The massive living room was originally three rooms: a living room, a solarium and a porch. Early on, these were consolidated into a single, seamless space—the perfect setting for large gatherings and small concerts. This was quite opportune, since both of the current owners are professional musicians.


More additions were made in the 1950s. The back of the dining room was extended to create a beautiful stone-floor garden room; and the kitchen was enlarged by consuming a service porch. The current owners, who have lived in the house since 1986, enhanced the kitchen further, putting in a bay window and skylights, as well as heated pipes under the tile.


A final enhancement—also done by the current owners—was to turn the chauffeur's quarters adjoining the garage into a lovely patio room, complete with hardwood floor, sitting area and small bath. The room looks out onto a manicured yard with gardens installed by the current owners, but overseen by a small Venus de Milo statue. A charming little garden house (built for roughly $600 in 1920) stands at the back of the yard.


The house also has had its brushes with fame. The original owner, for example, was Maurice Maschke, leader of the Cuyahoga County Republican party. At one time, many of the era's big bands played at this house. Perhaps it was during one of those soirees that actress/torch singer Helen Morgan fell from a second-floor balcony. . . or so the story goes.


Like its history, the house is exceptionally colorful, with beautiful brown-edged crown molding, numerous original oils and a Navajo rug collection. Leaded-glass windows, wrought iron grillwork and the home's original chandelier in the foyer also create a vivid first impression.