3073 Fairmount Boulevard (1996)


Magnificent is undeniably the adjective which comes to mind when viewing this Georgian style home, either from its front facade, or its northwest elevation, which is its owners' favorite vantage point.


Prominent lintels of light stonework stand in high contrast to the red brick, creating a stunning visual impact. Gabled dormers of exceptional beauty dominate both the front and back roof line providing space and light, thus increasing functionality of third floor rooms. Leaving strict Georgian principles of architecture, something of a Dutch influence may be noted in the gambrel roof and double chimney stacks framing the sides of the front facade.


Completed in 1914, this home is situated amongst its neighbors in the Fairmount Boulevard District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The current owners are greatly to be commended for their sensitive and well executed restoration of this property. A new roof of Virginia slate has been installed, box gutters with copper inlay have been rebuilt, oak floors have been refinished, and new cabinets and flooring have been added to the kitchen. Multitudinous layers of paint were removed from the paneling and deeply coffered woodwork of the dining room. This poplar wood has been stained with a cherry finish, as it had been originally.


Faux finish columns at the entrance to the living room cleverly echo the gray marble of the fireplace. Original light fixtures and a terrazzo floor create a special ambiance in the sun room. A spacious and attractive Carriage House remains a part of this property.


Outside, the owners have created gardens of contrasting colors based on those seen in Strasbourg. The driveway frames a teardrop-shaped bed planted with roses, which greet and bid adieu to the inhabitants and their guests with a profusion of color and glorious fragrance.