3017 Fairmount Boulevard (1993)


Built in1920, this Georgian Revival house was designed by Meade and Hamilton and is an outstanding example of their work. The arched doorways, ornate plaster moldings and ceiling decorations, and heavy oak carvings and woodwork throughout the house are all hallmarks of Meade and Hamilton residential design.


The present owners have enhanced the original stateliness of the house through a number of engaging renovations. In the living room, radiator covers underneath the trifurcated bay windows were raised to window sill height and bookcases were added. Both sunroom and living room walls were repainted using a roll-off chamois treatment to effect a parchment appearance.


The dining room retains its original paneling and showcases a number of interesting collectibles. Displayed above the fireplace and elsewhere is an extensive collection of blue and white china. On the sideboard, a 19th century French tantalus made of kingwood with inlaid brass and mother-of-pearl houses its original glassware. The French crystal chandelier matches the wall sconces, which were originally candleholders.


The kitchen has undergone significant changes over the past year, with the addition of an oval island and supplemental sink, Nevermar countertops, and professional range. Beveled glass doors are featured on custom-made cabinets. The former laundry area made way for a nook; the original radiator was moved out and reinstalled with a sideboard built around it for camouflage. A half bath is now located in a former utility room.


Similar careful attention has been paid to renovation of the grounds of the house, with the addition of a brick patio outside the kitchen, a bower of rhododendrons on the side of the house, and a rose garden, fence, and fruit trees at the back.