2750 Fairmount Boulevard (1991)


When the present owners purchased this large, pleasant Georgian house ten years ago, it had been occupied by two generations of one family for more than half a century. It was designed by J. Frank Cavanaugh for the widow and four children of Willard Hirsh, a fellow architect who had died suddenly of pneumonia in 1920 at the age of forty-seven and whose firm, Searles and Hirsh, was noted for the Alhambra on Wade Park Avenue and "Glamorgan," a large estate in Alliance, Ohio.


When the house was built in 1923, the land across the street, now the site of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, was the southeast corner of the Euclid Golf Allotment. Today, the lighted spire of the church provides a spectacular view from the guest room window. Throughout the house, loving attention has been paid both to history and comfort.

The railing and finials of the new deck duplicate those of the rest of the house. The leaded windows in the breakfast room cupboards were found in the basement, and the

new ones in the kitchen were built by a talented young artisan to match them exactly. The fireplace tile in the living room is new, but the interior brass fixtures, imported

from England, are original.