2463 Edgehill (1989)


Architects working in Cleveland Heights early in the century employed a number of historic English styles in their home designs. The use of brick, as well as the basic form of this house and its slate roof, suggest the adaptation of English country cottages and smaller manor houses.


A sense of spaciousness extends throughout the house. The flow of the main rooms on the first floor-living room, sun room, music room and dining room-indicates how the architects created interior plans that were comfortable and suited for family needs. The present owner remarked how well suited the spaces are for entertaining.


Another distinctive feature is the large number of windows, producing a bright and cheerful prospect even on cloudy days. The arrangement of a wide variety of period furnishings in both the living room and the dining room strongly suggests what these rooms would have looked like when the house was new.


The interior has been meticulously restored and the ceilings, millwork and floors attest to this fact. The radiators were sandblasted and bronze painted, making them objects of importance in the rooms. In 1918, when this house was built, an efficient steam heating system was something a homeowner would show off. The kitchen has been remodeled with space added by removing the back staircase. The restoration extended to the bedrooms and baths on the second and third floors.


The owners are in the process of landscaping the deep lot. Originally the grounds were larger and included the lot to the north that was divided off about 30 years ago.