2444 Coventry Road (1995)


Influenced by the Tudor Revival style, this large brick house was built in 1912 and was the first residence built between Colchester and Scarborough Roads. The original plat of land extended far behind the houses built later on Colchester Road, and had been planted with fruit orchards. Interestingly, the interior and exterior structural décor of this house is charmingly unpretentious, unlike similar houses of the same age and size. The ambiance is decidedly spacious and comfortable.


The owners have occupied the house for a year and a half, and in that time have refinished the floors and redecorated many of the rooms, including all main rooms on the first floor. They have successfully and elegantly combined furnishings from two separate households to achieve a stunningly sophisticated eclectic décor.


Furnishings in the living room and library were combined through reupholstering of furniture in coordinating fabrics and retrofitting window treatments from a previous residence. Two dining room sets have also been combined.


The kitchen has undergone decorative renovation. Cabinets were repainted, and a new counter was put in. The original maple cabinets and counters were retained in the butler's pantry; vinyl flooring was taken up in both kitchen and pantry to reveal the maple planking floor in its original condition.


The house holds many other delights. Chief among them are the spacious and elegant first floor bath, the cozy maid's room and bath situated off the second floor landing, and the splendidly furnished nursery. The elegant master bedroom is graced by a porcelain-tiled fireplace fronted by an antique screen. The airy sleeping porch adjacent to this bedroom offers a secluded sitting area during good weather.


Similar careful attention has been paid to the exterior of the house, and to the back yard in particular, where two perennial beds were designed and planted by the owners. The side porch on the first floor and the secluded back yard contribute to the remarkable pastoral mood of this property situated on a busy street.