2252 Chatfield Drive (1984)


Both the structure and the grounds of this 1920s home with a Tudor look reflect the high quality of workmanship found throughout this historic area of Cleveland Heights. The unusual terraced gardens have been maintained since the original owners. The right front yard contains a sundial and a birdbath of stonework crafted by local Italian artisans of the day. Stones from a wall that once surrounded the grounds have been incorporated into the raised gardens at the rear of the house. The enclosed area around the swimming pool, added in 1971, contains a lily pond and ground cover from the original landscaping. The pool sits on what used to be a driveway to the detached stone garage.


The floral emphasis is extended to the house in the outstanding front doors with wrought iron vines and flowers, imported from Italy. These doors came within seconds of being destroyed during a major fire in the 1960s when much of the interior of the house was damaged. The original woodwork, much of which is missing on the first floor because of the fire, can be seen in some of the second floor bedrooms. The marble hearth in the living room replaced a deteriorating one of sandstone.


The remodeled kitchen, which incorporates the original pantry area, leads to a 1983 addition to the house where there used to be an open back porch. The windows were originally doorways. The stonework in this new room was hand chiseled to blend with the original masonry work.


The woodwork, with hidden ceiling lighting, further preserves the integrity of the architecture, while the modern skylights provide ample light. The attached greenhouse allows for year-round gardening.