12537 Cedar Road (1994)


Situated on a double lot, this Tudor Revival house was built in 1916 as one in a four-house enclave of family and friends on Cedar and Derbyshire roads. The present owners have shown a great deal of care and ingenuity in renovating and decorating the house and the spectacular gardens.


A main undertaking was the renovation of the kitchen. A new floor was added in the pantry as well as new cabinets around the original drainboard. An outside wall between the kitchen and a back porch was knocked out and replaced by a 20-foot support beam to extend the kitchen and add space for an eating area. Double-paned windows were added, providing a panoramic view of the gardens and yard below. Also added were skylights and an island, and the window trim and sills were replaced. Of particular interest is the "no CFCs" refrigerator. This recently acquired appliance uses the same amount of energy as a 75-watt light bulb.


An interesting feature of the house is the renovation of two rooms in the basement, done by a former owner and presently used as waiting room and office. The waiting room has an outside entrance and is a former coal bin. Pipes are concealed in rough-hewn wooden boxes.


The grounds of the house have been completely transformed during the five years since the owners began outside renovation, and some areas are still works-in-progress. The pool, deck, and fence are new; I he pool was custom-designed and built with stainless steel sides; the owners and their friends did the planking and the spindle work on the deck at a "Build the Deck" party; and the fence was built to curve around the trees to avoid removing them.


The area directly beyond the garage is a three-year work-in-progress designed by one of the owners to simulate a riverbed. Overgrown scrub was removed; 30 yards of topsoil and 3 tons of gravel were added for raised beds and walkways. The fountain was designed and built by the owner to resemble a spring emptying into a pond. The raised beds feature an extensive array of perennials and make the gardens a hallmark of this truly interesting and charming house.