2724 Berkshire Road (1996)


This gracious French country house was completed in 1920. (It is interesting to note that the present owners, in the course of remodeling, discovered that workmen had inscribed '1919' on one of the beams in the master bedroom.) The steeply pitched roof, simple stucco exterior, and off-center front door, reminiscent of French domestic architecture, create an informal exterior.


The interior of the house is also informal and welcoming. The vibrant colors of the walls and draperies warm the living room, entrance hall, and formal dining room. Artist Joan Devany created the dramatic stained glass windows throughout the house, both to enhance the decor and to obscure some of the views.


In four years the owners have done extensive remodeling, enlarging the master bedroom and kitchen, stripping the paint from all doors and windows, and redesigning the limestone patio and backyard, which includes a play area for their three children. Equally striking is the redecorating. They have repainted and repapered almost every room in the house, including all eight bedrooms. The handsome paneling in the living room, study, dining room, and hallway is not original to the house. Additionally, all of the present brass light fixtures were original to other houses built during the same era and have replaced contemporary fixtures installed by previous owners.