2541 Arlington (1978, 1986, 2001)


This 1910 Cleveland Heights Landmark home was designed by Harlen E. Shimmin for William R. Jeavons, who invented the Perfection Oil Stove and founded the very successful Perfection Stove Company. The 2 1/2-story beige brick home originally sat on a 6-acre pie-shaped lot that included magnificent natural woods and a park that, it is said, was planned by the two sons of Frederick Law Olmsted. Eventually, however, the property became a family enclave, with the addition of two homes, one for the Jeavons' son at 2505 Arlington, and the other, at 2542 Stratford, as a wedding present for their daughter.


When the present owners took possession 9 years ago, the now 2 1/2-acre lot was so overgrown that it was nearly impossible to see the front and side porches of the house. This has all been cleared away, at what effort one can imagine, and replaced by a manicured lawn and well tended beds. The 20-room house, basically Arts and Crafts style with Tudor and Queen Anne elements, features 6 gables with 6 gable ornaments, each one 10 feet tall. The ornaments were all rebuilt by a skilled craftsman and lifted into place with a large crane, a process that is pictured in the album that will be on display during the Tour.


The key pattern in the woodwork on the front door and entry hall door is a repeating motif throughout the home. The grass cloth here is original. Most of the woodwork and paneling in the house had been painted. The present owners have gone through the process of carefully stripping the wood and returning it to its original splendor, and they have spent long hours searching for fixtures and antiques reflective of the style of the house. The wall sconces in the living room, for example, came from an old hotel and were found in Clinton, Michigan. They have also restored the brass hardware, which contains some rose brass, to its original luster.


In the front hall, to the left of the grand staircase, is a magnificent mirror, believed to be original to the house. It too had been painted and has since been restored. In the dining room, the fireplace, one of 7 in the house, features a heraldic motif in the surrounding tile. The furniture here is original to the house and was built specifically for this room. In the butler's pantry the cabinets are original. Note the plate warmer created by the radiator. The Lincrusta wall-covering here was chosen after careful research to replace the original Lincrusta.


The back vestibule with its ornate ceiling design is used as the main entrance from the porte-cochere. In the family room/reception hall there is a wood-burning fireplace with marvelous green tile and a plaster low-relief sculpture of "Aurora" over the mantel.


The staircase from the front hall leads to the Landing Library, with built-in bookcases and a step-up sitting area. On the second floor there are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, both with original leaded windows and mirrors. The master bedroom has a fireplace and large bay windows.